So Many (NEON) Colors…

celebrating +70 games with neon aesthetics!

(game pictured above is “Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime”)


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WayForward will release ”DuckTales - Remastered" (XBLA/PSN/Wii) this summer. The game is some sort of remake of the classic NES game DuckTales



“Throne of Games”

16x20 inches. Acrylic on cradled wood panel

painted for Gallery 1988’s “Old School Video Game Art” show.

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PC Metroidvanias is a new site purely dedicated to Metroidvanias for the PC!

Tadaaa!! The PixelProspector Art Contest is now live! :)

Details and more info can be found here

Chiptune Compilation (12 hours!)

12 hours of chiptune music!! Playlist and download links can be found in the related description fields below the videos on YouTube…

Chiptune Compilation  PART I

Chiptune Compilation PART II

Chiptune Compilation PART III

Originally found on Superlevel

I have just created a board on pinterest called Indie Games – The Mega List. There are currently ~250 games showcased…Check it out :)

Note: The above image was drawn by Vashperado

History of Shooting Games

History of shooting games from LutinMalefique on Vimeo.

"History of Shooting Games" (27 min) is a great documentary about the origins and the evolution of SHMUPS!

Pixel Art in 3D (Speed Movie)

The embedded video shows how a guy creates a 3D model of Link (from “Zelda - Minish Cap”)… and then makes a real figurine out of it by glueing little colored clay blocks together.

Note: More videos can be found on the Crealink Arts Homepage (including a more detailed 13 minute version of the video with Link)

30 years of being a game developer in 3000 words

Rich of Photonstorm wrote a comprehensive piece about his history as a game developer:

"This is how my love affair with computing and game development started, and lead to where I am today…"